Residential Move

Q. I am moving but also need storage for a bit. Is this something you can do for me?

A. Kato Moving & Storage can store your items in our local 55,000 square foot storage facility during the moving process.  We also have 700 storage units in 3 locations that are available.

Q. I have a very expensive, heavy item, can you move that?

A. Our highly trained, professional staff has years of experience with not only pianos but other items that can cause concern for our customers. High end artwork, heirlooms, gun safes, and sculpture art are just some examples of items that we are fully equipped to handle.

Q. We are remodeling and just need some furniture moved out of the way while our new flooring is being put in?

A. Kato Moving & Storage will often help customers with an internal move of heavier items while a remodel is being completed. This is generally done in a very timely fashion and is not a large expense for the customer to have taken care of.

Commercial Move

Q. What kind of equipment can you provide?

A. Speed Packs, Gondola Carts, E-Crates, Commercial Move Labels in addition to our standard move equipment.

Q. When should I move?

A. Days, nights, weekends, multiple stages? Our business move coordinator can meet with you to discuss the challenges around your move and discuss solutions to each challenge and minimize the disruption to your business.

Q. What if our team can do some of it?

A. We understand that your IT and maintenance teams are specialized to handle your equipment. Our team can work with your team to help as much or as little as needed to ensure the successful relocation of not just your items but business and take care of your employees so they can focus on their work.


Q. We are building a house but are moving out of our current home into a rental until the house is built. What do we do with our things?

A. Kato Moving & Storage can not only help load and deliver your items when you are ready for us, we can also store your goods in our temperature-controlled warehouse while the completion of your new build or remodel is finished.

Q. What size storage units do you have available?

A. We have 3 storage sites that house 700 units and offer a variety of sizes ranging from 4’ x 10’ to 12’ x 40’. Prices vary but all require a $25 deposit that is returned when the key is brought back and the unit is cleaned